Some of Our Technology

Diesel Cooling Systems /  Patent.    
Electronic Optical Tracking Drive Systems / Patent.
Internet School Supplies / Patents, Trademarks.
Vacuum Conveyor Systems / Patent.
Shrinkage Compensating Concrete / Patents.
Impact Sensors for Athletic Gear / Patent.
Warehousing and Distribution / Litigation. 
Farm Implements / Patent, Unfair Competition.  
Raised Floor Systems / Patent, Litigation, Licensing.
Software Engineering / Patent Issued, Successful Patent Infringement Defense.
Data Center Airflow Cooling Systems / Patent.
Biofeedback Wireless Systems / Patent Prosecution, Litigation.
Exercise Devices / Patent.
Bicycle Frames / Patent Prosecution, and Litigation.
Food Industry / Trademarks and unfair competition.
Plastic Coatings, Inc. / Patent Prosecution.
Prestressed Precast Concrete / Patent.
Fire Sprinkler CAD Software / Patent Prosecution, Litigation.
Automated Compliance Systems / Patent. 
Electronic Transponder ID Devices / Patent litigation.  
Agricultural Seed Supply / Trademark and Patent.
Thin film Semiconductors / Patent Prosecution.
Solar Fuels and Chemcials / Patent Prosecution 
Cellulase Enzymes / Patent Prosecution.
Biooassys / Patent Prosecution.
Recombinate DNA Enzymes/ Patent Prosecution. 
Wind Energy Airfoils / Patent Prosecution.
Fast Pyrolysis Chemical Processes / Patent Prosecution.
Carbon Nanotubules / Patent Prosecution. 
Wireless Systems / Patent Prosecution

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